Hair Color


Eye Color



14 ft.

Wing Colors



14(15 in "Fang")


Unknown Mother †

Unknown Father †

Maximum Ride (Girlfriend)

Phoenix Ride (Daughter)

Fang, is 14 years old (15 in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel), is second-in-command of the flock, and is Max's best friend (he later becomes her boyfriend). Fang is able to virtually disappear, but he has to stay very still and quiet. He also develops "gills" at the end of Max. Fang is commonly described as tall, dark, quiet and handsome. He is somewhat reserved, and the strong-yet-silent type. He runs a blog about the flock's adventures that proves useful in several books.

He has had one romantic relationship. In School's Out--Forever, he is seen kissing the "Red-Haired Wonder", whose real name is Lisa. (Fang has a thing for liking red headed girls) Fang and Max fight, but afterward make up. Fang would do anything for the flock, because he is a caring type. When Ari joins the flock, Fang decides to lead half of the flock and leaves Max. He later comes back to Max and the flock after reuniting in an epic battle at the end of book three, in which Ari dies.

In MAX, Fang convinses Max that she loves him, and she makes-out with him before she goes to save Angel from a watery death. In the end, we see Angel giving Max and Fang thumbs up as they kiss. Fang leaves the flock at the end of Fang because of Dylan, Max's "perfect other half" and the fact that Angel predicted that Fang will be the first to die. Knowing he'd put the others in danger, he left them all, promising Max that he'll "meet her in 20 years at the cliff where they met the hawks, if they haven't "expired".