Hair Color

Strawberry blonde

Eye Color



15 ft.

Wing Colors

Black and white (albatross)


14(15 in "Fang")

Iggy is the 14-year-old and 6'3 blind kid in the flock. He has blue eyes, pale skin, and strawberry-blond hair. His wingspan is 15 feet and like that of an albatross.

Iggy lost his sight when scientists experimented on him in an attempt to make his night vision better. Because he is blind, all of his other senses are extremely acute. Max often taps the back of his hand to tell him something without anyone noticing.

Iggy can identify people by touching their fingerprints or feathers and listening to their footsteps. He can also "see" things if they are against a white background.

Usually, Iggy is Gasman's partner-in-crime when it comes to stinkbombs and explosives. He is the flock's personal cook, despite the fact that he is blind, and is very irritable. Iggy's real name is James Griffiths, and he is the first to meet his parents (and know it's them). All in all, he is a well-thought-out character.

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